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Delicious Chocolate Cake

It’s that time again. Another week has gone by, and the weekend is finally here. I try to eat very healthy throughout the week, meals filled with fish and vegetables. The weekend is the time to treat yourself with some sweets. Instead of buying a lot of candy or chips, I like to cook my own sweets. This time it’s a DELICIOUS Chocolate Cake! I highly recommend it, and it’s soo easy to make. I like my food easy. I LOVE to cook, but spending hours in the kitchen, is not my thing. The faster, easier it is, the more I love it. (I did not have the time to take pictures this time, step by step, but it’s so easy that I don’t think it’s needed.)



125 g butter
1 dl water
3 tablespoons cacao
1 teaspoon vanilla powder
4 eggs (You need to split the egg yolk and egg white in two different bowls)
250 g sugar
150 g flour
3 teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoon cooking oil
1 cooking chocolate (The darker the better)
Some shredded coconut
Step by step:
Start your blender and put one by one ingredient in
Step 1. Melt the butter and put it in the blender-bowl
Step 2. Add water, cacao and vanilla powder
Step 3. Add only the egg yolk.
Step 4. Add sugar, flour and baking powder
Step 5. Mix egg whites in a separate bowl and then add that as well.
Now you are done with the cake. Set your oven at 175°C approximately 45 minutes. Remember to use baking paper. After the cake is done, let it cool. Meanwhile you can start making the filling.
Step 1. Add cooking oil in a pot
Step 2. Add cooking chocolate
Step 3. Add shredded coconut (You decide the amount, or if you do not like coconut, you can add almonds or walnuts)
Step 4. Add the filling to the cake
*Enjoy the weekend with this lovely Chocolate Cake! I know I will* 

Thank You!

First of all, Thank You!

If you have been abused in any way. If you have been cheated on. If you have been hurt. Say a BIG Thank you to that person. That person is the reason you are you today. The reason why you are strong and why you have worked hard. That person is the reason why your skin is thick. That person is the reason why you are a fighter! That person is the reason for all of your accomplishments, all of your success. 

I,among many other have been hurt in different ways in life. I have been hurt by friends, by boyfriends, by life in general. I want to thank my friends for hurting me. Why? Because I gained sooo much. Because of my “friends” I worked harder in life. I accomplished everything I wanted. Anything I wanted, anything I ever started, I finished. With great results. Because of you, I never quit. I learned to bite my teeth, and pull myself through it all. Without you, I probably would not be as driven as I was. So, Thank you! 

I want to thank all my x-Boyfriends. Why? Because if it wasn’t for you, I would never have love like I have now. You taught me that I deserve love, respect and honesty. I got it all now. Why would I have resentment towards you? When I am as happy as I ever will be. So, Thank you!

Life is full of lessons. I have learned mine. I hold no resentment, and neither should you. You probably would not worked as hard as you have in life. Your haters are your biggest motivators. “But in the end you’ll see, YOU-WONT-STOP-ME!!

The Joy of Being Young §

There is something so special about being young. Something magical. All the things you look forward to when you are younger, finally start happening. Going out with your friends, partying until the morning. Being so damn hangover. First boyfriend. First drunk party. Feeling so badass. Feeling so wild and free. Feeling like you know it all. Feeling like the center of the world. It all stays as good memories later in life. I think this is a period in life everyone should enjoy to the fullest. There is a time and place for everything. Stupidity belongs in your youth. I feel that this is the period in life that starts shaping you as a person. This is the time we go through so many magical experiences, and at the same time through so many emotional.

There is something so thrilling about the words “My first…”, mostly because you only get to say it once. There is something so exiting about the first time you try something new. All the adrenaline going through your veins. Can you remember the first time you went to a club, the first time you got drunk? The first time you started having feelings for a boy? Do you laugh a little thinking about it now? I do! Such wonderful memories. I wish sometimes, I could experience some of it again for the first time.

The greatest side of my youth was exactly feeling something for the first time. Gaining all this new knowledge about life through experiencing it myself. At the same time this was the downside of my youth. I did not know how to react to certain things. I was not prepared. Nobody prepared me for life. This is the one thing we need to figure out by ourselves. The one thing we need to educate in alone, with no help. No life teacher, no life professor, nobody.




What Kind of Silence Would Appear if People Started Saying ALL They Know?

I feel like this world has become such a terrible place to live in lately. So much hate, so much anger, so much jealousy, so much gossip. What for? I mean really what for? Do I gain something? Do I get happier? Do I get richer? Do I have anything in this world to gain? NO!

I often ask myself why do people talk sooo much shit about others? Why do people spend so much of their time worrying about somebody else? I feel that people are HAPPY when your life is a living hell. I mean this for real. Once you are happy, nobody says GOOD job. You earned this. She worked hard for this. It is soo much focus on the negative side of everything, and spending so much energy on bringing somebody down. People always want to make such a big deal out of somebody elses mistakes, but spend a lifetime hiding their own shame. So I ask my self “What kind of silence would appear if people started saying ALL they know? What if the whole world knew, all your mistakes, all your secrets or all your thoughts? What if everyone knew everything about you, all the things you try to hide, try to forget, try to pretend like they never happend. Would you be able to walk with your head held up as high as you do now? I do not think so. You know why? Because we are all human. We all have lessons that life has thought us through making the wrong decisions. And yes, YOU do too! It’s just the way it is. People need to close their mouth a lot more in fact. Because this planet we call earth would be one silent place to live in if we all started saying all we know….Don’t you agree?

I am HAPPY! You know why? I don’t gossip. I don’t talk behind your back. I am not jealous. I don’t hate. I only care for me, myself and I, so therefore I smile.

“Mistakes are a part of being human. Appreciate your mistakes for what they are: precious life lessons that can only be learned the hard way. Unless it’s a fatal mistake, which, at least, others can learn from.” – Al Franken

Fried Banana with Cream§

I wanted to give you readers, something sweet to begin your weekend with. This is one of many ways to make fried banana, this is my way. I like it because, it is easy. Very easy in fact. Such a lovely dessert in LITERALLY 5 minutes. – How much cinnamon, sugar and cream you use, is up to you. This is so good with vanilla ice cream as well. (Because I took the pictures using flash mode, it looks like I have much more cinnamon and sugar than I do. Don’t be fooled.)

Step 1. Cut the bananas in half

Step 2. Melt some butter

Step 3. Put the banana pieces in the melted butter

Step 4. Fry the bananas on both sides

Step 5. Put the fried bananas on a plate

Step 6. Add cinnamon, sugar and cream

Step 7. Enjoy!

Hopelessly in love

Have you ever loved so much that it hurts? That it actually really, really hurts? Have you ever been sooo devoted to that one person, which did you wrong time after time, but you could not break out of the relationship? I feel like every single girl has that one in her life, that she always goes back to, no matter what. Being so hopelessly in love that there is just no hope, or no possibility, that you will ever be capable of falling out of love. When things start to go bad, you keep telling yourself it is over. The saddest part is you believe your words for a minute, but then you realize you are lying to yourself. You know no matter how much pain that one has caused you, there is always something holding you.  Why is it that we won’t let go of the ones that hurt us the most? You make yourself think, of all the good times, and forget about all the bad. You start blaming yourself. Maybe it was me, maybe I started it, maybe he is right, and little by little maybe turns into – “It was me, I started it, he is right, I pushed it too far” and you go back, and back, and back. You keep fooling yourself. Everyone keeps warning you, and it feels like the more people are warning you, the more you want it. You want to prove them wrong. You feel like no one sees how amazing that person really can be. Somehow he is flawless in your eyes. One sweet word or one sweet message from that one, is all that is needed for you to fall back. You start getting in to deep….

You feel captured. You start feeling ashamed. You feel hopeless without them. You feel like no one understands you. You feel like no one has been in you situation. You feel like you belong to them. You see no way out.

A man who treats his lady as a Princess, proves that he was raised by a Queen

A man who treats his lady as a Princess, proves that he was raised by a Queen. I believe this is true. The way your man treats you reflects on his upbringing. Only a real man treats you the way you deserve. When you feel like a princess, you will act like one. You will appreciate your man, and return to him by treating him as your prince. The only way to a long lasting love, is through respect. A woman is not born to serve a man, nor is a man born to serve a woman. We choose our partner in life by falling in love. In order to keep that love throughout a life time is by being right by your partner in everything. If your man is outside and chopping wood, help him. If your woman is in the kitchen cleaning after dinner, help her. There is no such thing as “that job is for men/women”. If you take a second to think about it. Do you as a woman love when you get help around the house? Do you as a man love when you get help around the garden? The answer is YES I DO. Be there for eachother. Love is respect.


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