Life after death?

I just found this picture while I was on facebook. When I saw it, I just stopped and thought about it. For some minutes in fact. I asked myself, Why didn’t I think about this before? Just as we human beings on earth wonder if there is a life after death, maybe newborns wonder if there is a life after birth. Of course WE know there is, but they don’t. They have never been on earth before, they have never seen their mother before, just as we have never seen life after death or God. Who are we to say there isn’t a life after death? We have never been there, we have never even been close to see life after death. What if all of our loved once who have passed away, are looking down at us, and saying “If you only knew, that real life starts after you die on earth.” What if this life here is only a test, to see if you will do good or bad. What if this is the biggest test of your life? What if your actions here on earth determine your future after you no longer exist? If you knew that this life on earth was a test and you would go to heaven or hell, would you live the same way you do now, or would you change your actions for the better? 



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