Hopelessly in love

Have you ever loved so much that it hurts? That it actually really, really hurts? Have you ever been sooo devoted to that one person, which did you wrong time after time, but you could not break out of the relationship? I feel like every single girl has that one in her life, that she always goes back to, no matter what. Being so hopelessly in love that there is just no hope, or no possibility, that you will ever be capable of falling out of love. When things start to go bad, you keep telling yourself it is over. The saddest part is you believe your words for a minute, but then you realize you are lying to yourself. You know no matter how much pain that one has caused you, there is always something holding you.  Why is it that we won’t let go of the ones that hurt us the most? You make yourself think, of all the good times, and forget about all the bad. You start blaming yourself. Maybe it was me, maybe I started it, maybe he is right, and little by little maybe turns into – “It was me, I started it, he is right, I pushed it too far” and you go back, and back, and back. You keep fooling yourself. Everyone keeps warning you, and it feels like the more people are warning you, the more you want it. You want to prove them wrong. You feel like no one sees how amazing that person really can be. Somehow he is flawless in your eyes. One sweet word or one sweet message from that one, is all that is needed for you to fall back. You start getting in to deep….

You feel captured. You start feeling ashamed. You feel hopeless without them. You feel like no one understands you. You feel like no one has been in you situation. You feel like you belong to them. You see no way out.



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