Fried Banana with Cream§

I wanted to give you readers, something sweet to begin your weekend with. This is one of many ways to make fried banana, this is my way. I like it because, it is easy. Very easy in fact. Such a lovely dessert in LITERALLY 5 minutes. – How much cinnamon, sugar and cream you use, is up to you. This is so good with vanilla ice cream as well. (Because I took the pictures using flash mode, it looks like I have much more cinnamon and sugar than I do. Don’t be fooled.)

Step 1. Cut the bananas in half

Step 2. Melt some butter

Step 3. Put the banana pieces in the melted butter

Step 4. Fry the bananas on both sides

Step 5. Put the fried bananas on a plate

Step 6. Add cinnamon, sugar and cream

Step 7. Enjoy!



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