The Joy of Being Young §

There is something so special about being young. Something magical. All the things you look forward to when you are younger, finally start happening. Going out with your friends, partying until the morning. Being so damn hangover. First boyfriend. First drunk party. Feeling so badass. Feeling so wild and free. Feeling like you know it all. Feeling like the center of the world. It all stays as good memories later in life. I think this is a period in life everyone should enjoy to the fullest. There is a time and place for everything. Stupidity belongs in your youth. I feel that this is the period in life that starts shaping you as a person. This is the time we go through so many magical experiences, and at the same time through so many emotional.

There is something so thrilling about the words “My first…”, mostly because you only get to say it once. There is something so exiting about the first time you try something new. All the adrenaline going through your veins. Can you remember the first time you went to a club, the first time you got drunk? The first time you started having feelings for a boy? Do you laugh a little thinking about it now? I do! Such wonderful memories. I wish sometimes, I could experience some of it again for the first time.

The greatest side of my youth was exactly feeling something for the first time. Gaining all this new knowledge about life through experiencing it myself. At the same time this was the downside of my youth. I did not know how to react to certain things. I was not prepared. Nobody prepared me for life. This is the one thing we need to figure out by ourselves. The one thing we need to educate in alone, with no help. No life teacher, no life professor, nobody.





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