Thank You!

First of all, Thank You!

If you have been abused in any way. If you have been cheated on. If you have been hurt. Say a BIG Thank you to that person. That person is the reason you are you today. The reason why you are strong and why you have worked hard. That person is the reason why your skin is thick. That person is the reason why you are a fighter! That person is the reason for all of your accomplishments, all of your success. 

I,among many other have been hurt in different ways in life. I have been hurt by friends, by boyfriends, by life in general. I want to thank my friends for hurting me. Why? Because I gained sooo much. Because of my “friends” I worked harder in life. I accomplished everything I wanted. Anything I wanted, anything I ever started, I finished. With great results. Because of you, I never quit. I learned to bite my teeth, and pull myself through it all. Without you, I probably would not be as driven as I was. So, Thank you! 

I want to thank all my x-Boyfriends. Why? Because if it wasn’t for you, I would never have love like I have now. You taught me that I deserve love, respect and honesty. I got it all now. Why would I have resentment towards you? When I am as happy as I ever will be. So, Thank you!

Life is full of lessons. I have learned mine. I hold no resentment, and neither should you. You probably would not worked as hard as you have in life. Your haters are your biggest motivators. “But in the end you’ll see, YOU-WONT-STOP-ME!!



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