If the Virgin Mary appears wearing a veil on all her pictures, how can you ask me to sign on a Hijab Ban Law?

Lately I have been reading so much about this in the media. To be honest with you, that this is even a topic, is sad enough. With that said I have to say something as well! For centuries women over the world have been wearing a veil. Some for religion and some for fashion. Never before has this been an issue, until now. I wonder why? Today mostly Muslim women wear a veil, or called a Hijab. Muslim women wear this so they can cover their body for others to see, expect their closest family and their husband. Is that a bad thing? Does it hurt me, you, your neighbor, or anyone else for that matter? No it does not.

When I saw this picture and what Roberto Maroni, had to say about this, I was SO proud. We want to accept people for who they are, and there are so many groups fighting for different human rights. Isn’t this a right? To be able to practice your religion, as the Great Holy Books want of us?

It looks like there always is going to be something. It used to be about the Jews, and then about equal rights for white and black people. Now we fight for the gay population so that they can have the same rights as straight. What about Muslim women, shouldn’t someone fight their battle? We tend to put things aside as long as it doesn’t concern us, but what if it did? It’s so sad to read about Islam, one of the biggest religions as such a negative thing, when people are not aware of how similar it is to for example Christianity. I do not mean about new testament, but I mean the first Bible. Jesus exists in Islam as well, Virgin Mary exists in Islam as well, Adam and Eve exist in Islam as well. We are all much more alike than we want to admit. The two biggest religions, Christianity and Islam, we should practice them, not spend time hating either.

*May we be able to live in a world one day, where we are not judged by our religion, by our believes, nor our looks. Amen to that!


26 thoughts on “If the Virgin Mary appears wearing a veil on all her pictures, how can you ask me to sign on a Hijab Ban Law?

  1. Women should have the right to wear a hijab or not. The problem with wearing the face covering is that terrorists are hiding behind the veil. It’s a security issue. Then of course if human rights is the issue what about women not being able to go out alone or drive a car. That is oppression of women and should not be tolerated

    • That is another topic, if some women have the same rights or not. It was not the topic in this post, so therefore I will not say anything about that. However, I believe many women are tortured in many different ways. Many muslim woman are not able do go outside alone or drive a car, or are abused in any other way, but so are many christians, jews, and other women as well. (I cannot say much about this, because I do not have the knowledge, nor have I ever heard that this is an issue with muslim woman) Abuse and toture comes in many different ways. It Also depends on the person, how strong he/she is and how they can handle it. But, then again there are many false interpretations about muslims in general, so we have to think twice before making a comment about a race or religion. We don’t know it all. The practice of Religion varies a lot from country to country as well, don’t forget that.

  2. That was took out of the context, the comparison was between the HEAD veil and Virgin Mary, not the FACE veil! Virgin Mary never wore a FACE veil! Maroni belongs to LEGA NORD party, famous party for its racist approach! I agree with freedom of religion, but have some respect for our culture and identity and tradition! I personally do not want to live in a “muslimize” country! I am Christian and I want my identity and traditions to be respected! Islamic countries are forcing their traditions (I dont see me going uncover on their streets) so why wouldnt we force our traditions too????

    • Correction! Wearing the veil is not tradition, it is religion.
      I kow for a fact that you (christians) are not forced to wear a veil when visiting most muslim countries. According to you, all christinas must wear the head veil when visiting those countries (I would love to see that, especially when you go to Dubai 😀 )…
      Don’t forget that all western women used to wear the veil not a very long time ago! It is just in the last century women started to wear almsot nothing. This is a disgrace to the human race! Why do women think, less clothes = more sexy??? Let me tell you, this is not the case at all!
      Anyway, I believe these countries claim that they have human rights and freedom of speech and so on… They are all lies…

      • Yes, I know it´s SO irritating when people claim that in Saudi Arabia touristing women are forced to cover their heads and bodies when IN FACT both tourists and female guest workers are wearing typical western clothing there. If you ask anyone who has actually been there the answer is only the local arab women -the minority in the big cities- are expected to wear covering clothes. Plus all the scantly dressed women in commercials and magazines sold in Saudi Arabia. Plus it now looks just like any western country when it comes to exploiting womens bodies. Most people who has no experience of travelling use Saudi Arabia as an example like Iran. They are in for a chock if they actually plan on visiting that place.

        Also people in general seem to have forgotten the faceveiling and all covering tradition for women comes from the jews. If people actually knew this they would probably be less against it, since it´s less ok to hate on the jews than on the muslims. This is what a study of headcoverings in the anicent times says about jewish women:

        “As for Jewish women, there is clear evidence that in the first century they covered their heads not only for prayer but whenever they were outside of their own home. It is said that some Jewish women kept themselves covered at all times. In public, they not only covered their heads, but the lower part of their faces as well. For the women this was a matter of morals, and a religious duty, not merely a matter of style or convenience.”

        Since Mary was a jewish women living at this time it´s very likely to assume she covered the lower part of her face when she went out in public, just like the other jeewish women of that time did. This information is not hard to find and the ignorance of many christians is stunning. They do not WANT TO know, therefore they do no research of the history of their own faith. It seems most “christians” of today only want to maintain secular and atheist traditions of the most recent times and make them their own. Like women going out bareheaded. As you said this is not an old tradition, not even in the western culture. But I´ve even seen women who want to belive the veil in the New Testament is meant as the let out hair of a woman. This makes no sense at all since there are two totally different greek words for the veil and the hair in that passage. But if they want to they always find a way to self-righteously justify following the practice of wordly minded people. Like for example undressing when the women in the surrounding culture does.

        Some “christians” even claim that covering up your glory and carrying the heavy cross of disdain from the surrounding culture is immodest since “those people must enjoy that kind of attention”. (This is what the veiling women do in the west.) The thing is many “christians” don´t WANT to be set apart from the world, since they have love for the world in their hearts and so they judge those who want to be visually set apart from the western secular culture as if they knew the intention of other people. This is hypocrisy on SO many levels! These people should remove the beam from their own eyes before trying to correct others.

    • So many American and European women who tour the Islamic and Arabic world are not expected to cover their heads, and they do go “uncover on their streets”! Some with shorts and top tanks and some with loose summer dresses and a large hat. People there are very respectful to others’ traditions and cultures and will not force it on tourists who go there by the thousands. In my college, “Al Quds university” in Jerusalem, and while most of its students are Muslems, there are many students who are Christian and are not expected to wear the scarf. The same applies to all of the American teachers who work in “Al Quds” Universities and other universities all over the Arab World.
      If women in America and Europe have the right to show most of their bodies, then women from the “Arab World” should have the right to cover most of their bodies. It is a coin with two sides and I do not see that one is better than the other.
      The Native American culture and identity should have been respected along time ago. All of the American women should not have forced their culture on the Natives! They should have started wearing Native American dresses, jewelry and moccasins. However,they did not and the “Native American culture” was not respected.
      Nowadays, lots of Native American women wear American clothing and many many American women wear Native American jewelry. What’s the big deal? they are sharing different “human cultures” and that’s the beauty of life.

  3. Oh by the way, Italy approved the law draft so they will soon pass the law, like France, Belgium, Holland! And I totally agree, both for security reasons and protecting Christian identity!

    • Christians used to wear the veil 😉 So, what Christian identity are you talking about…
      Ignorance is not an excuse. Read more about your own history and religion and then start posting online!

  4. my dear brother iordy, i just want to say that in islam explain about wearing hijab is not by our own will but its a will from our almighty allah, and explain it in qur-an…

  5. mother marry did not wear the veil, it was just a hair cover. women in the middle east (where the mother marry are) always use hair coverings to cover their hair and face from the dust because they live in the desert

    • my dear sister Jacoline, i want u to consider 3 things
      1.middle east women are not the only Muslim women in the world there are Muslim women in Countries like India and Indonesia. do u think that Muslim women in this countries wear H jab to cover their hair and face from dust.
      2.If u think that Muslim women use hair hjab to cover their hair and face from the dust because they live in the desert.Why not Muslim men cover their face because they live in the same place.
      3.Lastly,wearing hijab is not by our own will but it is a will from our almighty Allah which is explained in qur-an.

  6. Everyone should have a right to practice their religion anywhere.
    No religion teaches bombing and killings.
    Christians must be able to practice Christianity & Muslims should be able to practice Islam.
    We should be tolerant to everyone.
    All human beings are precious.

  7. war gives no success.i’m not saying that all muslims are terrorists,but i’m saying this that some truly are….but,there not to be called muslims.they’re hypocrites.and just because some hypocrites start a twist in the religion,you can’t blame the whole world of muslims for it

  8. The longest (spititual) explanation of why women should wear a veil is not found in the Old Testament, but in the New Testament. In 1 corinthians chapter 11 it is repeated that women should wear a katakalupto through many verses and then it says a womans hair was given to her as a peribolaion. The problem is both these different words was translated into simply “covering”. So many belive the hair is the same kind of covering. The root of katakalupto is older than the greek, it´s old hebrew words meaning head, long/darping and garment. This makes sense when looking at all the oldest paintings. Not only Mary wore this garment, but as we see on all of those paintings AND as it says in the end of this passage no congregation had another practice. The corinthians where actually the first congregation to stop this practice. Many think they where told to follow the pagan culture. But the pagan temples with veiled women where destroyed about 30 years before this letter was written. So very few people who say something about the culture in Corinth at that time seem to know anything about the history of Corinth! There was a sexual revolution going on at that time that was strikingly similar to the sexual revolution in the western society of 1969-1978! Women in Corinth even started using contraceptives for the sake of having sex outside of marriage. It´s safe to assume they stopped wearing modest clothes for the same reason. Plus they had huge political influence. In other words this reminder to women in Corinth could might aswell have been written to women in the west after the sexual revolution in this time and society.

    Also there is a commandment to be in a state of giving thanks and glory to the most high all the time in the New Testament. I once asked nuns why they wear the veil as part of their clothingstyle. They explained it was because of this.

  9. The command to wear the veil is found in both the Quran and Bible However, the reason for the command is different when you compare the two books

    Let’s see what the Quran says…

    Surah 33:59

    Prophet! Tell thy wives and thy daughters and the women of the believers to draw their cloaks close round them (when they go abroad). That will be better, so that they may be recognized and not annoyed. Allah is ever Forgiving, Merciful.

    Let’s compare this with the Bible…

    1 Corinthians 11:3-12

    Now I want you to realize that the head of every man is Christ, and the head of the woman is man, and the head of Christ is God. Every man who prays or prophesies with his head covered dishonors his head. And every woman who prays or prophesies with her head uncovered dishonors her head-it is just as though her head were shaved. If a woman does not cover her head, she should have her hair cut off; and if it is a disgrace for a woman to have her hair cut or shaved off, she should cover her head. A man ought not to cover his head,[a] since he is the image and glory of God; but the woman is the glory of man. For man did not come from woman, but woman from man; neither was man created for woman, but woman for man. For this reason, and because of the angels the woman ought to have a sign of authority on her head.

    So we see that since the man is the glory of God and the woman is the glory of man then she has to wear the veil as a sign of authority. Her wearing the veil shows that she is subjected in authority to the man.

    power authority, i.e. the sign of the husband’s authority. (Scofield Reference Notes (1917 Edition), Commentary on 1 Corinthians 11:10, Source)

    Also notice what verse 10 says, “and because of the angels”. A woman has to wear the veil because of the angels. What does this mean? Some commentators don’t know…

    What this means, I do not yet understand. (The 1599 Geneva Study Bible, Commentary on 1 Corinthians 11:10, Source)

    Because of the angels. This clause has puzzled the critics. The idea probably is: “There should be no violation of decorum, such as a bareheaded woman in a public assembly would be, lest it offend the ministering angels which are always present, though unseen. (People’s New Testament, Commentary on 1 Corinthians 11:10, Source)

    • Yes woman was created to be a helper and a company to man. Instead of creating another man as a company the most high created a being from the man that the man should have natural authority over and responsibility for. This is good for a mans spiritual growth! Men are supposed to be natural leaders.

      But you forgot the verses about nature itself teaching us that a womans long hair is her glory that she proudly uses as a form of veil, while men do not have glory of long hair! If a woman does not wish to be subjected to cover it, she should logically not wish to be subjected to the beuaty ideal that a woman should have her hair much longer than a man, but instead cut it off. If it is a disgrace for a woman to have her hair cut or shaved off like a man, she should cover it. Because it is a good form of subjection unlike western sexual objectification of women with let out long, glossy, air brushed hair. (Unlike men who has short hair.) I do know that there are many feminist women who cut their hair just as short as men in the west nowadays in order to say no to the beauty ideal and sexual objectification and subjection of women. But the natural order is that women are under the authority of men in a good way and the symbol for this is the veil.

      “If the Virgin Mary appears wearing a VEIL on all her pictures how can you ask me to sign on a HIJAB BAN LAW?”

      Yes, I will explain why they asked this of you Roberto Maroni. There is this New world order agenda going on to create and increase Islamophobia in the western society at large. Muslims are the new threat now. In decades past the jews and the communists was. (In reality it´s always the satanists that are the most powerful threat, but they want you to focus on some other group and belive they are your most severe and evil enemies.) Now this agenda is working really well, since Islamists are seen as the most evil and dangerous people that exist.

      And it does not stop there. As we all know most western women stopped wearing headscarves as an “outdated” thing just in time before increasing wars and immigration from muslim majority countries to the west started in a huge scale. The result was muslim women from other cultures was suddenly the ONLY larger group of women who wore the headscarf in the west. Which is very understandable, since most women needs the support of a culture they belong to in what they are doing. Western women in general are just as culture-bound as other women. Even though some like to belive the lie they are independent just because they make their own money and fail to realise they are slaves to and depend on the system/the culture. Where else to get money from? Unless you are bound to the most high you depend on money and therefore people and worldly cultures. Independence for us living in the flesh in this world is another illusion created by the satanists.

      Now, in short, they want to kill two birds with one stone and use the huge fear of Islam they created to ban the veil. Hijab is the arab word for veil, but it does not appear in the quran linked to covering the head like in the New Testament. (Most people today belive it´s the other way around or that the veil is just mentioned in the Old Testament.)

      As I once read someone explained it this way; The fallen angels hate it because of what it represent. The reason “Becaus of the angels” shows the angels know what it symbolises, yes. This was offcourse why it was labelled as “outdated” in the west first in the very recent, more satanic ruled times. And not only that, but in the New International version of the bible from the 80s (obvious New World Order bible version) they suddenly changed “for the sake of a veil” as written in ALL earlier bible versions to just “as a veil”. This has resulted in many people actually being deceived into beliving that the long hair of a woman IS the symbolic veil(!) Because people in general belive what they want to belive to make their lives in the world easier. Conforming to cultural norms certanly makes life in this world easier. But if something, like for example women wearing their hair uncovered and let out, suddenly becomes THE NORM IN THE END TIME UNLIKE EARLIER TIME ERAS you shold take notice! Wordly people of this time does NOT wear any godly symbols. Do not be deceived into beliving you look godly if you look like them. Other satanic symbols is for example very immodest fashion, pyramid-shapes and evil eye -pictures. please avoid those and do not let anyone talk youi into beliving they are symbols of the most high!

      Blessings to all of you willing to do the right thing who may read this!

  10. I apologise for all spelling mistakes in my previous post. I tend to write too fast when I´m concerned.

  11. there is no evidence that roberto Maroni has say this phrase: he is so known as a person who opposites hijab and muslims during his ministry with berlusconi.. i have searched many web italian pages to find this claim but there is NO ONE SITE OR TV WHO CITES THIS PHRASE..it is clear that is a WRONG information because as i have seen he NEVER DECLARED THIS..

    • Here is an article that I found:

      He can be against Islam and against the veil worn as a statement of muslim identity and at the same time be against a law to ban the wearing of the veil. I have came across a number of people who liked the veil when it came to it´s history in christianity, but where very much indeed against Islam. Remember the veil is still worn by nuns and some other christian women. If it where to be banned that would mean banning those women from wearing it aswell.

  12. Away from the main point (veil), let us first ask what course the so called terrorism? the people who practice terrorism do they just wake up in the morning and the go out n start killing people with out any reason?American killed Iraqis, Libyans,Afghans up to date the countries are un stable Israel goes out and kill Palestine when the retaliate that is terrorism, Joseph Kony (Christian) in Northern Uganda has killed very many people but that is not counted as terrorism, Christian in Central African Republic are killing Muslim minority and the world is watching with out any condemnation.Going back to the main point, everyone should left to do what he or she want so longer as it in the jurisdiction of his or her religion

  13. Im a muslim. Covering a face is not in islam. it is in some arab countries and it is a tradition. the weather of saudi arabia was always hot and dry so women covered their faces since ancient times and it has become their tradition. islam bans covering the face. even for Tawaf (turning around the Kabaa) women dont have the permit to cover their faces. also for Salat (islamic saying prayer) it is recommended that women dont cover their faces.

  14. I was born as a Muslim but I never practised it, now is my chance. I am going to study and learn about my religion and the Quran, I have a big interest in learning. I will be covering my head but not my face of course. My religion, my God asks me to do so. In fact in many religion he asks us, but we have become ignorant. Those who are going to reply me with an insult don’t waste your time, I am not planning to fight you with comments. My time is to precious to spend on useless people.

  15. A couple of points here that I’d like to make with respect to all:
    1. Who cares and what business is it of anyone’s other than those who choose to wear the hijab or any other wear relating to either religion or culture?
    2. Some mention banning the bureau for security. I certainly can’t remember the last terror attack by terrorist hiding under a burqua. If Customs or Banks or any other institution require facial recognition by law then so be it. But have a little cultural sensitivity and have a woman do the task.
    3. Someone else mentioned banning the brusque ‘to preserve Christianity’ what absolute nonsense! Simple fact – Christianity (in most western nations) is in decline – through no fault of Islam. I’m sure Jesus would be the first to tell you banning the burqua won’t get him more converts.
    4. Please stick to the topic. Whenever this is raised those old chestnuts come out like ‘Well women are oppressed’ ‘Women can’t drive’ “They are all married off to old men when they turn 12” Firstly, go visit Indonesia, UEA, Malaysia, Turkey etc etc. and ask those women. Second go do some homework on female oppression and exploitation in ‘good Christian western countries’
    It’s all about tolerance and mutual respect.
    Peace and love to all


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