Fool in Love

Have you ever loved a Bad Boy? Have you ever felt the excitement of loving someone who does something to you, that not even you can put words on?  Someone who makes you feel like you never felt. Someone you not only want to do good with, but also bad. Someone who makes you careless. Someone who makes you go out of your comfort zone.  It seems like no matter how many men, women have in front of their eyes, we always find our way to that one Bad Boy in our life. Seems like every girl wants a bad boy, who only will be good to her. For some reason we have that one, that we always go back to. The reason for that nobody around us knows, including ourselves. Even if we know that there is someone better for us, we don’t want them. We are in love with the unkown. We are in love with being suprised by his actions. We apreciate one sweet word from our bad boy, more than a thousand from someone else. I guess we are all at the end of the day, fools in love.

2 thoughts on “Fool in Love


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