Fear of Love

Fear of love. It’s one powerful thing. We take chances in life when it comes to everything. Somehow love always is the one thing we are afraid of. What if it does not work? What if we are not meant to be? What if he breaks my heart? You will only know if you try. It all starts with a hello, and grows into texting, which leads into meeting, and the chances for love are huge, we just need to give it a try. Love is powerful, and works it’s magic like nothing else in this world.

We are often afraid to fall in love with a completely new person. Sometimes we feel insecure, because we have a good thing already in life, and taking chances with a completely new person, can be scary. But remember, it can be the best thing that happened to you! We need to let loose, and stop thinking what if this? What if that? and start acting. Start taking chances. It’s worth it. It pays of. You only live once and Life is too short, to let that one get away.

“I fear love. I fear that you will never love me, but what I fear even more, that I will never stop loving you. I fear that I will always ask myself “What if…””

 – Nayiah.



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