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If the Virgin Mary appears wearing a veil on all her pictures, how can you ask me to sign on a Hijab Ban Law?

Lately I have been reading so much about this in the media. To be honest with you, that this is even a topic, is sad enough. With that said I have to say something as well! For centuries women over the world have been wearing a veil. Some for religion and some for fashion. Never before has this been an issue, until now. I wonder why? Today mostly Muslim women wear a veil, or called a Hijab. Muslim women wear this so they can cover their body for others to see, expect their closest family and their husband. Is that a bad thing? Does it hurt me, you, your neighbor, or anyone else for that matter? No it does not.

When I saw this picture and what Roberto Maroni, had to say about this, I was SO proud. We want to accept people for who they are, and there are so many groups fighting for different human rights. Isn’t this a right? To be able to practice your religion, as the Great Holy Books want of us?

It looks like there always is going to be something. It used to be about the Jews, and then about equal rights for white and black people. Now we fight for the gay population so that they can have the same rights as straight. What about Muslim women, shouldn’t someone fight their battle? We tend to put things aside as long as it doesn’t concern us, but what if it did? It’s so sad to read about Islam, one of the biggest religions as such a negative thing, when people are not aware of how similar it is to for example Christianity. I do not mean about new testament, but I mean the first Bible. Jesus exists in Islam as well, Virgin Mary exists in Islam as well, Adam and Eve exist in Islam as well. We are all much more alike than we want to admit. The two biggest religions, Christianity and Islam, we should practice them, not spend time hating either.

*May we be able to live in a world one day, where we are not judged by our religion, by our believes, nor our looks. Amen to that!