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Some days ago I watched Titanic in 3D. What can I say? I am in LOVE with Titanic. There is no other movie that makes me laugh og cry, like Titanic. This is the one and only movie, I love. My favorite, and yes I have watched it way too many times, and many more I will. Every time I laugh at the same scene and every time I cry at the same scene. I always think a lot after. The sudden love between Jack and Rose, is something we all would love to feel one day. The passion, the excitment, the curiosity. The fact that she leaves a man who can provide her with everything, for a man who does not know where he will sleep the next day, is so amazing. Money doesn’t matter. At the end of the day all is nothing without love.

My favorite scene in the movie is, when Rose jumps back on Titanic, and runs to Jack. The way they look and kiss is breathtaking. “I jump, You Jump” that is what love should be about. I put myself in their shoes. I would have done the same thing. If I was about to die, or knew there was a chance I would not see my Love again, I’d rather spend our last hours together than save myself. What is life worth without the person you love? What is life without love?


Young adult

The biggest mistake of our childhood is that we are in a rush to grow up. Why do we do so? Is it so our parents won’t be able to tell us what to do? ┬áTo make our own decisions? To get our driving license? To be able to drink ┬álegally? What is it that makes us want to be older when we are young? I believe some of these things are just about what does it. Life is really funny! When you get to a certain age, you want it all vice versa. When you reach all these things, and real life hits you in the face, you DREAM about the time you were young and had no problems. We should all enjoy the present, and not think so much about the past or the future. Live right now for right now!


– Nayiah